Arnhem Sidecar Tours

A unique way to experience Arnhem and its surroundings

Arnhem is unique! In the center there are many attractions that you can visit while strolling through the city center. But there is more, much more. The beautiful neighborhoods with houses from the 19th and 20th centuries, the parks that run like green lungs from all sides into the city, the nature reserves on the moraine and the river area. And of course all the historical locations that entered the history books during Operation Market Garden in September 1944!

Zijspan Ural polaroid

What will you experience?

Take a seat in the sidecar or on the pillion seat and experience the city and its surroundings from there in a unique way. You get 360 degrees of unobstructed view, you hear the sounds of the city, you feel the coolness of nature and you smell something new after every turn.

We have put together a number of tours for you that will take you to beautiful places outside the city center. All as the ultimate addition to your Citytrip to Arnhem. In our program we have of course the Market Garden route. We visit the landing areas of the paratroopers and gliders in 1944 near Wolfheze and the British War Cemetery in Oosterbeek. You can also choose the City tour or the Posbanktour, where you will enjoy the beautiful nature on the border between the lateral moraine and the IJssel river basin. Or get on just before dusk and go wildlife spotting in National Park the Veluwezoom. Besides that, there are many more possibilities. Tell me your wishes and we will make a nice trip of it!

Meet Bart and his Ural

Bart and his Ural both have their origins in the tumultuous seventies. Yet it was not until 2020 that they ran into each other. Not surprisingly, since both saw the light of day some 3,500 kilometers apart. The Ural originated in Irbit, a place east of the Ural Mountains in Russia. Bart grew up near the Dutch/German border in Gelderland and has lived in Arnhem since 1995.

Together they let people enjoy the freedom on the Ural and the beautiful surroundings with its impressive stories.

Bart met zijspan Ural

Your guide

Arnhem Sidecar Tours offers private tours. During the tour you do not have to share your guide with others. And that is handy, because Bart can tell you everything about the city, the special area around Arnhem and the important locations of the Battle of Arnhem. Besides knowledge of (the history of) Arnhem and its surroundings, Bart has a lot of experience on a motorcycle. He has been riding motorcycles since 2001 and in those twenty years has driven several brands and models. Besides the Ural sidecar Bart still likes to ride his Yamaha Ténéré World Raid. His ultimate dream is to expand the Arnhem Sidecar Tours ‘motor fleet’ with a fully electric Ural sidecar. 

The mode of transport

Our mode of transportation is a chocolate brown 1970 Ural M63. Fully restored in 2020, it is all set for the next 50 years of its life. The history of this type of motorcycle alone is a story in itself. The Ural has its origins in 1939, when, in an unclear way, the design of the BMW R71 ended up with the Russian army. In 1941, the Russian M72 – the forerunner of the Ural M63 – saw the light of day and it had suspiciously similar features to the BMW. Parts were even interchangeable… Similar engines with side valves were produced in Irbit until the 1960s. From about 1970, the technology was renewed and Ural engines were equipped with a overhead valves block like the one in ours.